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Chinese omakase-style dining

Yangzhang Dachu (仰仗大厨)

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Executive Chef Chu Sheng Lo presents Yangzhang Dachu, the first Chinese-style omakase menu of any Korean deluxe hotel, crafted from the finest ingredients sourced daily from handpicked producers across the country.
Experience a new concept in Chinese gourmet dining, inspired by Taoyuen’s five secret ingredient principles: season, region, specialty, rarity and unmatched quality, and curated in harmony with a selection of premium wines.
※ Advance reservation is required due to the need to source the freshest daily ingredients.

  • 더 플라자 도원

    Creative Chinese cuisine balancing taste and health benefits,
    crafted from culinary passion and recipes that bring out the natural flavors of each ingredient.

    더 플라자 도원

    Experience curated pairings of fine wine and Chinese cuisine
    with the Private Collection at Taoyuen.


From 300,000 won per person (7 courses)


Taoyuen (3rd floor)

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※ Price marked includes tax and service charge.

※ Reservation required at least two days in advance.