Operation and management of
video processing devices

  • This policy regarding the operation and management of video processing devices by Hanwha Hotels & Resorts (hereinafter “the Company”) provides information on the purposes for and methods by which personal video information is used and managed.
  • 1. Grounds for and purpose of installing video processing devices

    The Company installs and operates video processing devices for the following purposes, in accordance with Clause 2 of Article 25 of the Personal Information Act.
    – Safety and fire prevention
    – Crime prevention for guest safety
    – Prevention of theft and damage to vehicles
  • 2. Number, position and range of installed devices

    설치대수, 설치 위치 및 촬영범위를 나타낸 표
    Property Number of devices installed Locations and Range
    THE PLAZA 146 CCTV cameras In hotel main building, elevators, and annex building
  • 3. Individuals in charge and with access

    The following individuals are placed in charge of video processing devices in order to protect your personal information and process complaints.

    관리책임자 및 접근권한자를 나타낸 표
    Property Maintenance
    Operator Telephone number
    THE PLAZA The Plaza Support Team Leader Head of Communication 82.2.310.7130
  • 4. Video filming times, retention period, place of storage and method of handling

    영상정보의 촬영시간, 보관기간, 보관장소 및 처리방법을 나타낸 표
    Property Filming time Retention period Place of storage
    THE PLAZA 24 hours 15 days Communication Room
    ※ Method of handling : Requests for use other than personal video information, provision to third parties, deletion or viewing are recorded and managed. Video footage is permanently deleted, in a manner that makes recovery impossible, when the period of retention has elapsed.
  • 5. Outsourcing of installation and management of video processing devices

    The Company does not entrust other companies for the installation or management of the image information processing equipment.
  • 6. Method and place of verifying personal information

    – Verification method : Verification is possible by visiting the establishment in question after agreeing to do so through advance contact.
    – Place of verification : Security or fire prevention room of the establishment at which personal information is to be verified
  • 7. Measures regarding requests by personal information owners to view video content

    If you wish to view or verify the existence of personal video content, you may make a request to do so to the video processing device operator at any time. However, viewable content is limited to that in which you are filmed, or in which information is necessary in the face of imminent danger to the life, physical wellbeing or assets of the owner of the personal video information. The Company will take all necessary measures to respond without delay to requests for viewing, existence confirmation or deletion of personal video information.
  • 8. Measures for guaranteeing the security of video information

    The Company managing video information using encryption measures for secure processing. Moreover, as a measure for managing the protection of personal video information, the Company grants access rights to personal information selectively. In order to prevent alteration of or tampering with personal video information, the Company records dates and times of personal video information production, as well as details of viewing date and time, viewer identity and viewing purpose when content is viewed. Additionally, locks are installed for the safe physical storage of personal video information.
  • 9. Changes to operation and management of video processing devices

    This privacy policy was adopted on Mar 29, 2024. When and if further changes (amendments, additions or deletions) are made in accordance with related laws or changes in policy, notice of the reason for and details of these changes will be provided via the hotel website in advance. – Date of announcement: Mar 22, 2024
    – Date of implementation: Mar 29, 2024