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local guide

overview Peace Minus One: Beyond the Stage
Peace Minus One' is a collaboration between G-dragon, one of Korea’s most successful musicians, along with other contemporary artists.
This project intends to inspire the public to new forms of modern art and pop culture. G-dragon has been collaborating with artists such as Michael Scoggins, Sophie Clements, Universal Everything, James Clar, Quayola, Fabien Verschaere, Kwon Oh Sang, Bang Aenri, and many more for the past year in order to make this exhibition come alive.
Peace Minus One will explore where the utopia-like perfect (PEACE) world becomes one with the flawed (MINUS) reality of this world, where the two meet and intersect (ONE). “Beyond the stage” refers to going beyond what G-dragon has showed us so far as a musician, and stepping into how he views the world through modern art. Make sure to stop by and check out the diverse array of exhibits.

Place   Seosomundong 37, Jung-gu, Seoul (Seoul Museum of Art)
Price    Adults: \13,000  Teenagers: \11,000  Kids:\8,000
Period  Until 23 August 2015
             Tues-Fri 10AM ~ 8PM
             Sat/Sun/Holidays: 10AM ~ 7PM
             Museum Day (first week of every month, every 3rd Saturday)
              : 10AM ~ 10PM
Phone 02.3789.8870
Saturday Premium Performance

National Gugak Center’s performance team presents 2015 Saturday Premium Performance to raise the standards for luxury performance repertoire.

National Gugak Center presents Saturday Premium Performance by putting together a repertoire by National Gugak Center’s four performance groups.

Previous “combined performance of different genres” are enhanced as “Saturday Premium Performance” with added art quality.
A special stage will be presented by four performance groups- the Court Music Orchestra, Folk Music Group, Dance Theater, and Contemporary Gugak Orchestra- demonstrating different genres.
The Saturday Premium Performance, boasting a 30-year history at National Gugak Center, will present a total of 20 different programs in 2015 in addition to the performance groups’ major repertoire programs. A total of 50 performances will be presented from January 3rd to December 26th including repertoire performances by the four performance groups, previous collaboration performances and “Intangible Cultural Heritage” performance selected by UNESCO. National Gugak Center’s research academicians will deliver special commentary on the “Intangible Cultural Heritage” performance to help audience’s understanding.

Place   National Gugak Center Umyeon-dang, Yeak-dang
            (2364, Nambusunhwanno, Seocho-gu, Seoul)
Price    A-seats \20,000, B-seats \10,000
            50% discount rate for youth aged 24
            and less or university students (show ID)

Period  Every Saturday @ 3PM until 26 December 2015
Phone  02.580.3300