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plaza spa club


  • ON Body Therapy (Special Korea Traditional therapy)
  1. 70min KRW168,000
    On Body Therapy that helps to maintain body balance and relax the muscle tension from your back and pelvis uses bronze tools made of copper and brass.
  • Bellassage Body Therapy
  1. 70min KRW168,000
    Bellessage is the best healing body therapy which helps to relax and comfort the body and soul through Swedish techniques.
  • Aroma Lux Stone Body Therapy
  1. 100min KRW240,000
    Aroma Lux Stone is a hot stone therapy using Aroma balm made from four tea bases and thermal therapy, satisfying the five senses, and rejuvenating the body.
  • Deep Tissue Body Therapy
  1. 60min KRW150,000 / 90min KRW220,000
    The Belle Deep Tissue Body Therapy helps loosen up your muscles and relieve the pressure on the muscles by strongly stimulating the deep tissue.


  • ON Body Therapy (Special Korea Traditional therapy)
  1. 60min KRW150,000 (The pelvis - hips)
    100min KRW240,000 (Upper or lower part of body)
    90min KRW370,000 (Full body / four hands)
    This treatment helps the circulation of body energy and relaxes muscle tension using heated bronze tools made of 78% copper and 22% brass.
  • Bellassage Warm-up
  1. 90min KRW370,000 (four hands)
    Bellessage warm up treatment is an antioxidant treatment that increases the body temperature by 0.5~1˚C to stimulate circulation, eliminate waste matter from the system and boost your immunity through paraffin therapy and brush technique.
  • Lypossage Slimming
  1. 30min KRW88,000
    Lypossage slimming program helps to keep a beautiful slim body and eliminate cellulite using Lypossage techniques (holding and rolling up muscle and superficial fascia).


  • Balancing
  1. 70min KRW135,000
    This treatment helps to maintain skin moisture and balance using "Themae" cosmetics with organic tea made from four tea extract ingredients and a spa.
  • Regeneration
  1. 80min KRW187,000
    This treatment helps to rejuvenate your face using special tools and delicate skills with refreshing white tea and revitalizing black tea.
  • Contour Lifting
  1. 90min KRW290,000
    This treatment helps to create sharp features by tying up the face outline and using Korean bronze tools based on cold and heat therapy and a banding technique.


  • Melisa
  1. 180min KRW508,000
    Hydrotherapy - Bellassage body therapy - Contour Lifting Facial Treatment
  • Neroli
  1. 150min KRW395,000
    Hydrotherapy - Body scrub & moisturize - Balancing Facial Treatment
  • Happy Day
  1. 150min KRW353,000
    Hydrotherapy - Bellassage body therapy - Balancing Facial Treatment
  • Zadar
  1. 80min KRW218,000
    Hydrotherapy - Bellassage body therapy


  • Prenatal Care
  1. 70min KRW168,000 / 100min KRW256,000
    This care is the safest therapy for pregnant women. It helps to prevent various symptoms that may occur from changes during pregnancy and creates stability for your mind and body.
  • Couple care
  1. 90min KRW464,000 (Mini Facial + Bellessage)
    140min KRW606,000 (Balancing Facial + Bellessage)
  • For Man care
  1. 70min KRW135,000 / 90min KRW290,000
    Physical beauty, including that of the skin, is highly competitive in modern life. Here is the answer.
  • Foot Delux Care
  1. 30min KRW72,000 / 60min KRW144,000
    Foot deluxe care helps to relieve stress by reflexology and leg massage.

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