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meetings + events

Banquets at The Plaza have spectacular style.

Banquet hall Floor plan Download

grand ballroom

Newly renovated under the direction of Italian architectural and interior designer Guido Ciompi, Grand Ballroom boasts sophisticated and trendy charms.

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diamond hall

Situated on the top floor of the hotel, Xystum House (22F), the banquet hall boasts a modern interior and a gorgeous urban landscape.

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ruby hall

Located on the top floor of the hotel, Xystum House (22F), the medium-scale banquet hall features a design motif of a luxury mansion’s library and stands out with its charming and elegant interior.

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maple hall

Featuring a panoramic view of the green Seoul Plaza spread out like a garden beyond the glass windows, the Maple Hall provides a refreshing space with its modern and distinctive interior.

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orchid hall

The cozy and comfortable interior is ideally suited for press conferences or family events.

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opal room

Located on the top floor of the hotel, Xystum House (22F), the small banquet room with a captivating view of the city can be separated into two rooms for private use.

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oak room

Featuring a cool, picturesque view of the city and a sophisticated interior, the banquet hall is perfect for small-scale events.

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pine & bamboo room

The pleasant and comfortable interior delivers a flawless setting for engagements, family meetings, and other small-scale gatherings.

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