• Information for school assignments or other purposes is only available through materials already accessable to the general public,including the FAQ (frequently-asked questions), which will be updated regularly with new questions. We ask for your kind understanding that we cannot provide resources for individual requests.
  • Materials on the company’s reporting system or team structure that show the detailed organizational chart cannot be released to the public for internal security reasons.
    We ask for your kind understanding in this matter. You may visit the Hanwha Hotels & Resorts company website (www.hwrc.co.kr), or go to the Financial Supervisory Service website (http://www.fss.or.kr), go into D.A.R.T (Data Analysis, Retrieval, and Transfer System) and enter the Hanwha Hotels & Resorts name, or you can refer to the organizational structure from the business information in the Quarterly Business Report. For information related to theoretical organizational structure, please refer to hotel management theories or hotel management materials.
  • THE PLAZA Hotel’s management philosophy is based on the Hanwha Group's Trust, Respect, and Innovation, and with the new renovations completed on November 1, 2010, this philosophy has been implemented with a new service value system.
    (Please refer to the Hanwha Group website www.hanwha.co.kr for more details on the management philosophy.)

    ▣ THE PLAZA Hotel Service Value System

    - Service Identity: ”Beyond The Expectation & The Unforgettable Experience”
    - Service Concept: 3-Touch (Professional Touch, Attentive Touch, Detailed Touch)
    - Talented Service: 2P (Passion for Service, Pride in THE PLAZA)
    - 5 Service Steps: G.R.E.A.T (Good Smile, Recognition, Eye-contact, Approach, Thank You)

  • Visit the Financial Supervisory Service website (http://www.fss.or.kr) to get into D.A.R.T (Data Analysis, Retrieval, and Transfer System) and enter the Hanwha Hotels & Resorts name to see the financial statements and key business performance.
  • You can get the brochure by visiting the hotel lobby or by downloading the e-brochure from the hotel website.
  • Because of the year-round flood of requests regarding visitation for school assignments and other purposes, and the interference it causes to normal business operations, the hotel cannot entertain requests for individual visits and asks for your kind understanding in this matter.
    For any hotel-related questions, please take advantage of the FAQ on the hotel bulletin board.
  • Wireless Internet access is available in the hotel lobby, the Business Center on the 5th floor, and in the conference rooms.
    If you purchase the MAGINET Prepaid Card, you can use it without installing any additional programs.
    The MAGINET Prepaid Card is 22,000 won (tax included) for 24 hours of use, and the card is valid for three months from the date of first use.

    MAGINET Wireless Internet Access Procedure:

    1. Scratch the back of the card you have purchased to get the Internet access password.
    2. Run an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape and the wireless Internet access screen will appear.
    3. Type the password on the screen and click Enter, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

    1. If the scratch area is damaged, do not use the card, and exchange it for a new one.
    2. After the card is purchased, it cannot be refunded or exchanged. Unless it is damaged.
    3. Neither the hotel nor MAGINET is liable for a card that has been lost.

    Contact for Card Purchase: Business Center — +82.2.310.7365-6