• Dining etiquette starts with respect and consideration for the people you are dining with.
    In principle, diners should wear a suit. However, with the exception of sportswear, shorts, and slippers, casual and comfortable attire that does not disturb other patrons is acceptable.
  • If you enter the Hanwha Building behind the hotel, underground parking is available from the 3rd to 7th floors. For a restaurant or coffee shop visit, a 3-hour free parking ticket will be issued, and for the Eric Kayser bakery, a 1-hour free parking ticket will be provided.
  • It is not required that you make a reservation; however, since most hotel guests generally do make reservations, it is recommended so that you can enjoy the menu and seats you desire, at your desired time.
  • You may use the voucher for both the restaurant and menu that are specified on the voucher and within the prescribed period of validity, and you must present the voucher to the restaurant staff before ordering. However, since seating may be full, advance reservation is recommended.
  • Each restaurant offers both à la carte and set menus.
    In particular, you can enjoy a variety of special seasonal menus and chef’s recommendations. For more information on the menus, please refer to the "Dining" category on the hotel website.
  • For the restaurants located within the hotel, neither the 10% tax nor the 10% service charge are included in the menu price.
    However, tax and service charge are included in prices at the bakery.
    For the restaurant Tao Yuen Style, located outside the hotel, only a 10% tax is added separately.
  • Each of our restaurants features plenty of room and menus for meetings between the families of the bride and groom. First, select the restaurant that suits the taste of the elders, and then reserve a room in advance so that the families can enjoy quiet conversation. The course menu is generally chosen by the guest , but we recommend a menu that is not too long. The Italian restaurant, Japanese restaurant, or Chinese restaurant within the hotel will provide the perfect setting for your special family meeting.
  • To enjoy food and drinks and lively conversation at events and gatherings, the Seven Square restaurant on the 2nd floor that offers all-day dining can be used. Three private rooms can accommodate up to 24 persons, and the semi-room with a view of Seoul Square can accommodate up to 30 persons.
    Prices are as follows: dinner buffet is 60,000 won per adult, lunch buffet is 55,000 won per adult, and liquor (wine) is 60,000 won (1 bottle)(*tax and service charge are not included).
    Reservation & Inquiry: The Seven Square — +82.2.310.7777
  • The following discount cards may be used for THE PLAZA Hotel restaurants:

    * Hotel Membership

    1) Platinum
    [Tao Yuen, Tuscany, The Seven Square, all T-One locations, Tao Yuen Style (Hyundai Department Store Apgujung location)

    - One complimentary meal for a party of 3~7, two complimentary meals for a party of 8~19, a 20% discount for 1 or 2 people, and a 10% discount for a party of 20~30
    - However, a 10% weekday discount and a 20% weekend discount will apply at Murasaki
    (Limited to 30 times for Corporate Members)

    [Eric Kayser]
    - a 10% Discount

    [The Lounge]
    - a 25% discount on the purchase of bottles of whiskey

    -a 20% discount on take-out, a 10% beverage discount at all locations

    2) PBC, Fitness, P&P, P-Members

    [Tao Yuen, Murasaki, Tuscany, The Seven Square, The Lounge, Eric Kayser, all T-One locations]
    - a 10% food discount, a 10% beverage discount (excluding P-Members)

    * Partnership Cards

    [Tao Yuen, Murasaki, Tuscany, The Seven Square, The Lounge, Eric Kayser]

    - Hyundai Diners, Hyundai Platinum, Hyundai/Kia Motors Premium Membership, Hyundai Black, Hyundai Purple, Hyundai Red, 63 : a 10% discount - Galleria City, Galleria Prestige, Galleria Department Store Card : a 5% discount

  • Yes, for the convenience of our guests, some hotel guest rooms are available for breastfeeding. When it is necessary, please ask our staff for assistance.
  • Each restaurant has private rooms available that require reservations.

    Tao Yuen: T1 - 6 persons / T2~T4 - 4 persons / T5~T8 - 6 persons / T9~T10 - 10 persons
    Murasaki: Hasu (Lotus) Kiku (Chrysanthemum) - 6 persons / Momo (Peach) - 2 persons / Ume (Plum) Yuri (Lily) - 4 persons / Kiri (Paulownia) - 6 persons
    The Seven Square: Olive, Tomato, Lemon - 8 persons
    Tuscany: White Red Rose - 4 persons / Terrace 8 - persons / Grill(Teppanyaki) - 7 persons
    The Lounge: L1 - 14 persons (Karaoke Room) / L2 - 12 persons

  • Breakfast is available at the all-day dining restaurant, The Seven Square.
    Operating Hours: 06:30 to 10:00
    Contact: The Seven Square — +82.2.310.7777
  • All of our restaurants are non-smoking, and that goes for the the entire hotel premises, as well.
  • Taking pictures at the restaurant is permitted as long as it does not disturb other patrons; however, taking pictures of other restaurant facilities requires approval in advance.
  • Vouchers may be purchased at The Seven Square on the 2nd floor.
    Contact: The Seven Square — +82.2.310.7777
  • All restaurants are open to everyone, regardless of age.
    However, as part of the basic hotel etiquette, we encourage guests to refrain from bringing small children.
  • 3 hours of free parking is available per visit.