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local guide

Han-river Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

Spring Flower Festival takes place every year from early to mid April in Yunjung-ro, a stretch of road near the National Aseembly in Yeouido.

To most people in Seoul, the word ‘spring flower’ instantly reminds them of ‘cherry blossom’, as the Han-river Yeouido Spring Flower Festival represents the spring of Korea with its beautiful streets embellished with flowers.

The cherry blossoms bloom around the Yeoduido’s beltway of Yunjung-ro, but the beauty of it is at its peak from the south end of Yeouido Park to the annex building of KBS. During the month of April, these streets are overcrowded with people enjoying the gorgeous cherry blossoms. 

Various cultural/artistic activities including dance, play, pantomime, band concert, puppet show, and street performances are showcased during the festival period.

Place     Yeouido Yunjung-ro area
               Yeouiseo-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (South end of Sogang  brdg.~Pacheon brdg.) 
Period   18 ~ 22 April, 2014

Exhibition Launch: National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Ar t - <Korean Modern Painting 100>

The exhibition is composed of four sections, and is displaying artworks from 1920s to 1970s manifestly reflecting the modern history of half a century in Korea through paintings.

The first section introduces Korean modern artwork in the end of 19th century and the early 20th century. The second touches upon the war, independence, chaos in 1940-50s, and the third section leads to the aspect of transition in Korean ink and color painting through the composition of tradition and innovation of the nation in the early 20th century. The last section guides the spectators to witness abstract art during the 1060s and 70s when Korea enters an era of stability.   

Place       National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Deoksu Palace
Price        A \20,000, B \10,000
Period     29 October 2013 ~ 30 March 2014 (Closed every Monday)
                 Tuesday-Thursday 10am ~ 7pm / Friday-Sunday 10am ~ 9pm

2014 National Gugak Center Saturday Premium Performance
Starting from January 14 2014, Saturday Premium Performance features expanded explanation and diverse programs

The performance delivers a delightful and precious stage encompassing wide range of dance, music, and singing from tradition to modern. The program is carefully catered to please various audiences from Gugak-lovers to foreigners.

Deions of the music will be provided in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English to consider foreign audiences, along English subtitles shown on the stage screen. 

Place     National Gugak Center
Price       A seats \20,000, B seats \10,000
Period   ~ 27 December 2014, Every Saturdays 3PM